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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!

Check Out What’s New in 2020 for Quilters Select with Alex Anderson!

You can find out more information on our products and current specials on this site by clicking the links at the top of the page!
To apply to become a Quilters Select Dealer and see dealer pricing, you can email bhickman@rnkdistributing.com, or call RNK’s Knoxville office during the week at:

(865)549-5115 or TOLL FREE (877)331-0034

Is your store currently closed by local Covid-19 precautions?
Quilters Select & RNK Distributing have sent up special online initiatives for our independent dealers impacted by closures beyond their control. We are hosting live virtual events that you can invite your customers to attend FREE! These events feature RNK Educators and YOUR special discounted offers!

We have also set up a temporary public portal for customers to shop Quilters Select products online:
Both this site and the hosted event offers are shipped directly from RNK’s warehouse, and best of all, we credit you the normal profit from these sales, as if they bought it from your store! You don’t have to worry about inventory space, shipping on time, or placing employees/customers at risk! Contact us for more information on how Quilters Select does the work to keep bringing you new business!